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Hi From Monika and Ron.

You have 5 Unique Manual Traffic Exchanges
To provide you with a Power House of Traffic
And To Earn a Residual Income From.

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Greetings Bellas Click Shack and Leader Group Members,
Well it’s really been an up and down roller coaster ride for the last month.

Unless you are living in Bedrock (literally under a rock) then you are aware of the


If your favorite TE still has paypal it won’t for long.

We were forced to cancel all recurring subscriptions and remove all paypal buttons
and the word paypal from all of our traffic exchanges.

LFMTE was good enough to make script upgrades to allow Payza to integrate with

their script BUT payza has some strict rules and limitations that are not liked by
many members.

We have also setup a merchant account to be able to accept card payment

but card interest rates may make this option a non starter for many.

Feel Free to register. This is also an AUCTION Site

So you can sell your Own Products


********* PLEASE READ ON *********

SO here is OUR OFFER of a very ‘SPECIAL’ deal.

Leader Exchange Life Time Upgrade       $20.00

Bedrock Surf Life Time Upgrade          $20.00

Vigilante Life Time Upgrade             $20.00

Bellas Click Shack Life Time Upgrade    $20.00

Upgrade to a life time account at any one of the above and you will also get

a lifetime upgrade at



!! Wait For IT !!

We will upgrade any or all of your accounts to lifetime at any or all of our

5 Traffic Exchanges for $45.00.

The only catch is you make the payment directly to my paypal account at

You MUST NOT put anything in the notes when sending the money and

you need to choose the option to send to a friend or family.

After the payment is sent contact me at

and submit a new support ticket with your info so I may get you upgraded.

The ‘CHERRY’ to top it all off

If you are upgraded at any of the 5 TE’s and need any credits or banner impressions or text
impressions send a ticket to and ask.

We will gladly get you
what you need free of charge.

Monika and Ron

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