About The Leader Group


 welc to the group1

Just a little about our selves.

Ron and I are the proud
Owner/ Admins of 5 Manual Traffic Exchanges.
We Call Them “The Leader Group”

At Leader Group Online

Our Mission is to bring Quality, Targeted Traffic
To YOUR Websites, so YOU can make the Sale.
We Provide  ALL The Tools YOU Need!

Here You Get:


We Bring you Honesty, Integrity And 24/7 Support!
We are very active Owners

Traffic Exchanges are simply another Platform
for you to Promote your Websites at, Socialize
in the live chats, and build your downlines,
While you surf for Credits and collect your
prizes too 🙂

Our TE’s Are FREE To Join AND
Extremely easy to navigate!
There are no lengthy forms
to complete, no complicated instructions
and through the power of automation you don’t
even have to wait for your account to be approved!


This product is a U disk storage, high-definition digital camera,
camera motion detection, charging while video,
memory support 32GB, connect the computer camera,

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